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제목 Luna Square Washcloth Sterilization Dryer Wadiz Exclusive Release
작성일자 2022-04-20
It was announced on the 22nd that it launched a dishcloth disinfection drying rack at Luna Square, a brand specializing in smart household appliances, and released it exclusively on the crowdfunding platform Wadiz on the 17th. The company said it was selected as the "Top 20 Notification Applications" even before the start of funding, and the open funding achieved 100% in one day.
Washcloth, which is frequently used in the kitchen, is pointed out as a major cause of food poisoning at home as well as accompanying frequent odors. In order to use the dishcloth hygienically, baking soda and vinegar should be boiled in boiling water or microwaved to disinfect them frequently. However, it is too troublesome to boil every time, and it is true that using wet wipes or disposable dishcloths recklessly cannot turn a blind eye to environmental problems. In fact, in the United States, the amount of kitchen towels thrown away during the year is about 13 billion pounds, or about 20 kilograms per American.
An official of the company said, "The Luna Square dishcloth disinfection drying rack is equipped with UV LED and hot air drying function, so just washing the dishcloth in water and hanging it lightly can sterilize it
It dries quickly with warm air, so you can experience a shiny effect by boiling it." Starting with this funding, we want to create products for our better lives together through numerous feedbacks with customers. The funding rate target is 1000 per cent. We ask for your interest and support.
The Luna Square dishcloth disinfection drying rack funding event will be available at Wadiz until the 29th.