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제목 Smart humidifier controlled by smartphone and voice…Even the air cleaning function
작성일자 2022-04-20
Humidifiers are essential for health care to maintain proper humidity in cold and dry weather. Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2 (pictured) created by Smart Home Appliance manufacturer LG Dysaver is one of the three humidifiers in Korea that can be remotely operated with smartphones. If a dedicated application (Luna Square IoT) is installed on a smartphone, all functions such as humidification control, heating and humidification, timer, automatic humidity control, temperature and humidity measurement, and aroma functions can be remotely controlled through wireless Internet (Wi-Fi). "It is convenient to turn on the humidifier even at an out of reach distance before going to bed and to increase the humidity of the room that has been dried after a long time out," said Kang Hyun-woo, marketing director of L Dysaver. "It is a useful product for infants and households raising pets or plants.
Since this humidifier is linked to KT's "Giga Genie" and Naver's "Clova," which are artificial intelligence (AI) speakers, it is also characterized by operating only with a voice command of "Let's turn on the humidifier." In particular, among humidifier manufacturing brands, Samsung Electronics' IoT and smart home platforms, Smart Things, are linked to implement various smart functions. For example, it is possible to design customized functions such as automatically turning on the humidifier when humidity drops or automatically turning off when the user's location is away from home.
It is also the only humidifier on the market in Korea that has an air cleaning function. It even removes harmful substances and odors from the air by combining an air filter that filters out 0.3μm (micrometer, 1μm is 1/1 millionth of a meter) particles smaller than ultrafine dust to 99.013%.
This product is a complex humidifier that can be ultrasonically heated and heated, and if the heating and humidification function is used, it can be heated to about 90 degrees, sterilizing up to 99.9% of the three major bacteria, Pneumococcus, and Staphylococcus. Since it is a complex humidifier, the energy efficiency is high, and the electricity cost is one-third higher than that of a general heated humidifier. It has a large water tank of 4 liters to eliminate the inconvenience of frequently filling water, and the humidification amount can be sprayed up to 400ml per hour in three stages, so it can also be used in the living room of 20 and 30 pyeong.
Another competitive advantage of this product is cost-effectiveness. Compared to the existing large-capacity humidifiers, it is 30 to 40 percent cheaper than the few products that can be linked to smartphones through Wi-Fi, LDISAVER explained. The company's sales increased by about 33% despite the COVID-19 crisis last year. "We are currently selling products at Amazon in the U.S., the world's largest online shopping mall," said Hong Hyun-chul, president of LG Divers. "We are also pushing for overseas exports."
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