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제목 Luna Square, a brand specializing in IoT household appliances, launches 'Smart Humidifier 2' home sh
작성일자 2022-04-20
[Tech World = Bang Jae-il reporter] Luna Square, a brand specializing in IoT household appliances, will introduce its new product "Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2" in 2020 through home shopping.
The first launch of Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2 will be held at K Shopping at 01:54 a.m. on December 8 through home shopping for 60 minutes.
Along with the lowest-priced event ever, the launch is drawing expectations from consumers by giving away USB mini humidifiers that can be used in offices and vehicles to all purchasing customers.
Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2, which has a large capacity of 4L, is an IoT device with humidification volume control, heating humidification, timer, automatic humidity control, temperature and humidity measurement, and aroma functions.
In particular, various functions can be operated using a smartphone app through Wi-Fi connection. Its characteristic is that it can be controlled anytime, anywhere as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi at home and can be accessed not only from outside but also from overseas.
The humidification amount of Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2 is a total of three stages, which can be sprayed up to 400ml per hour, so it can also be used in living rooms of 20, 30 pyeong. If the desired humidity is set in the range of 40 to 80%, it is possible to maintain the appropriate humidity desired by the user.
In addition, using the heating and humidification function, the PTC element of the tank is heated to about 90°C, allowing the three major bacteria, such as aeruginosa, pneumonia, and staphylococcus aureus, to be sterilized up to 99.9%. In addition to sterilization, it is equipped with an air filter that can filter out up to 99.013% of dust from 0.3μm particles smaller than ultrafine dust, so consumers can use it with confidence.
"Luna Square Smart Humidifier is highly useful in dry winter as it can maintain proper indoor humidity by using a smartphone app before entering the room that has been dried due to long-term outings," an Luna Square Smart Humidifier official said.
More details and exclusive benefits of "Luna Square Smart Humidifier 2" can be found on K Shopping, which will air from 01:54 a.m. on Tuesday, December 8.
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